• Employment Opportunities:

To create income opportunities for the poor and economically backward people of Joyrambati and nearby villages, Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Sevashhrama Pallimangal at Joyrambati has set up training-cum-production units for weaving, hosiery, incense-stick making and bee-keeping. It also has set up vocational training units which impart training for computer learning, tailoring, wool-knitting and embroidery. These units provide self-employment training courses to girls and women free of charge so that they can find a source of employment and thereby improve their economic and social status.

  • Educational Help:

Pallimangal unit of Ramakrishna Mission Sarada Sevashrama, Joyrambati, has been serving the needy and poor students of Joyrambati and the nearby villages by providing them with nutritious food, uniform, study- materials, medical treatment, moral guidance and scholarships to meritorius students.

  • Marriage Help:

         The Pallimangal unit provides financial help for the marriage ceremony of poor girls of Joyrambati and near by villages.

  • Widow Welfare:

To work towards relieving the sufferings of human beings, the Pallimangal has taken up a project of widow-welfare in order to supply essential commodities like food-materials, clothes etc. to the hapless widows residing in Joyrambati and the nearby villages, thus making us worship the Divine Mother in them. Currently this unit provides help to about 100 widows every month. This help is also provided at other times of the year during various pujas, special occasions and during the winter season.

  • Milk Distribution:

The Pallimangal unit distributes milk every morning to around 25 babies thus taking care of their nutrition and good health.